Suzuki GT750 History

1972 GT750J

1973 GT750K

1974 GT750L

1975 GT750M

1976 GT750A

1977 GT750B


1977 GT750B

Starting at Frame #: GT750-75739  Engine # GT750-82605

Model Code: 316

Color: Red, Black, Blue in other countries

19'77 was the final year of GT750 production. The B was upgraded to look more like the GS750 4 stroke that was arguably a better bike.  The new look did help to make the GT750 look a little lighter and more modern.

Black side covers, headlamp and headlamp ears. Looks more like a GS750. GS style indicators. New stay-less front fender. Available with low bars for general export and higher bars for the US.

Changes during model year:

PDF version of GT750 history