Suzuki GT750 History

1972 GT750J

1973 GT750K

1974 GT750L

1975 GT750M

1976 GT750A

1977 GT750B


1975 GT750M

Starting at: Frame #: GT750-52823  Engine #: GT750-57533

Model Code: 316

Colors: Gypsy Red, Jewel Gray, Gold in Europe and other markets.



Major performance related changes raised claimed hp from 67 to 70. Gearing was raised to pass noise emission tests and the new changes led to a loss of bottom end but a slight improvement at the top. All new exhaust eliminated the crossovers and tucked in tighter for more cornering clearance.

Exhaust port raised by 2.5mm, intake port lowered 2.0mm, and 0.2mm off the cylinder head, combined with a thinner head gasket (0.8mm versus 1.5mm) raised compression from 6.7:1 to 6.9:1

Forks changed to eliminate chrome top dust seal cover. Fork springs retained by circlip and fork internals also changed. Clutch plates changed from Phenolic resin to aluminum, and center bush replaced with needle roller bearing.

Suzuki enthusiasts refer to the two generations of GT750 as J/K/L and M/A/B to differentiate between the two because the performance characteristics are quite different. J/K/L are torquier at the low end are generally nicer to ride around town.  The M/A/B have less bottom end and more tope end and appeal to people who like a little more performance. Price $2195.00

Changes during model year: