Suzuki GT750 History

1972 GT750J

1973 GT750K

1974 GT750L

1975 GT750M

1976 GT750A

1977 GT750B


1974 GT750L

Starting at : Frame #: GT750-40247 Engine #: GT750-43041

Model Code: 312

Color: Firemist Orange, Firemist Blue In the parts catalog Suzuki named the 1974 colors FLAKE BLUE and FLAKE ORANGE


Major changes in appearance and carburation.

BS40 constant velocity carbs, with idle speed adjusted by a single screw instead of at each carb, mileage went from high 30's to mid to high 40's. Oil pump now controlled by carb linkage rod, instead of cable from throttle.

Black exhaust tail cones are dropped for more normal "plain end". New side covers blend with new air filter and airbox. All new digital gear indicator. Fork gaiters dropped; replaced with chrome oil seal covers. Headlamp and mounting ears changed from body color to chrome. Chrome radiator side covers replaced with plastic grill to cover entire front of radiator, as well as both sides. "Water Cooled" side badges added to barrels. Price $2095.00

Minor changes during model year: