Suzuki GT750 History

1972 GT750J

1973 GT750K

1974 GT750L

1975 GT750M

1976 GT750A

1977 GT750B


1972 GT750J

Starting at: Frame #: GT750-10001  Engine #: GT750-10001

Model Code: 310 Color: Newport Blue, California Burgundy

Launched in 1972, the GT750 was the largest capacity 2 stroke motorcycle ever offered to the road riding public. The water-cooled motor set new standards of power and quiet civilized riding. There is no modern equivalent, which is probably why these bikes have such a loyal following among those in the know.

3 cylinders 750cc, 3 CV carbs, 4 exhaust pipes and acres of chrome and polished alloy. The race version was timed at almost 180 miles an hour at Daytona. No wonder the GT750 had so many admirers. 

The 1972 J model had a double sided twin leading shoe front brakes aka 4LS.  It had a radiator and cooling fan, Mikuni VM32SC slide valve carbs, cool "space-age" look conical exhaust pipe tailcones. Exhaust was 3 into 4; left and right cylinders into one pipe each, and middle cylinder into 2 "mini" pipes, 1 under each main; also, pipes were joined by crossovers--this was supposed make the engine "smoother" and is effective to some extent (at the loss of some power). Stock horses are 67, bike weighs 400+.

It was a Superbike of its time, but riders soon came to realize that it's forte was long distance riding, which it accomplished with ease.

Can be easily identified by drum brakes and radiator side covers that were painted to match color scheme; Faces of the instruments were flat, rear turn signals were red, price $1699.00.