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This has proven to be a useful place to post things related to some of the bikes we have been working on or issues that other have asked for clarification. Rather than post the same answers in multiple places, it seemed more efficient to put them all here. 

Don't try this at home.  This not offered as advice on what you should do or how to do it, so if you try something you saw here and hurt yourself, sorry bud, but that ain't my fault. Before modifying any motorcycle components, please check with a professional mechanic or engineer. 

Seriously though, read the manuals and be safe. Safety is something that must be taken seriously. If you are not sure about something you are doing when working on a motorcycle, pleases stop and get professional advice.

CB72 vintage racer - Sold 
Suzuki GT750 History
GT750 BS40 CV carbs
GT750 Crank Rotor pullers
GT750A DYNA S conversion on a 1976 Suzuki GT750A
GT750 Gearing - a work in process.
GT750 Transmission
GT750 Head-Barrel mismatch
GT750 Oil pumps - all you ever wanted to know and more (updated Nov. 2010)
  GT750 Wheel sizes
TR750-XR11 replicas 
GT750 A, 1976  - Sold 
  Dunstall GT750 - Cliff notes version
  Dunstall GT750L - all the details
Phat Tracker Interrupted - the story of a custom GT750(s) to be continued - soon 
Phat Trakka 2 - the continuing saga 
  Phat Trakka in Drag
1973 TZ250A - Sold 2009
1978 TZ250E - sold 2008
1972 TD3 sold
  1978 TZ350E - sold  
  1974 RD350 Drag Racer  
General Clutch tools
 LED flashers and "Idiot lights"




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