GT750A (1976) Suzuki  


It's finished and ready to run for another 30,000 miles or 30 years, whichever comes first

The grass needs cutting and this bike needs to cut loose and run like the wind

Liquid cooled - says it all really!

Fully rebuilt from the ground up and almost 100% original. When I acquired this bike, it had done 33,000 miles in the hands of the first and only owner who bought it new in 1976. He rode all over the country on it, until he started a family and then he stuck it away in his garage, where it has sat since 1986.

The bike was last registered in Illinois in 1981 and comes with the original Illinois title, owners handbook and service manual.

What attracted me to this bike was its degree of originality and general condition. I like bikes that look right for their age and look well cared for. Modern show chrome and paint with a dozen coats of clear, are so different to the style of the day and look out of place to my eyes.

The motor was stuck solid and refused to turn over, so it was completely stripped and rebuilt. New seals, gaskets and a crankshaft rebuilt by one of the country’s leading crankshaft engineers were fitted. The pistons and barrel were OK, and all that was needed was a light skim on the top and bottom barrel faces to bring it up to scratch. Alloy parts were either polished or painted to original specifications.

The motor is currently fitted with a high compression head, and mildly ported barrels. The buyer has a choice of keeping those parts on the bike, or else I can swap them out for totally stock parts or I could even fit a set of the less powerful, L model barrels which give more bottom end torque.

It currently has a custom Dyna electronic ignition, but the buyer can have it with stock points ignition if they prefer total originality.

The carburetors were completely stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new jets. Needles were inspected and showed no sign of wear so they were re-fitted. As they were assembled, they were adjusted and synchronized. The carburation retrofit fix for low speed surging was also taken care of at the same time.

While the motor was out, the frame was stripped and repainted in gloss black. Swingarm bushes were not so good, and they were replaced and upgraded to bronze bushes, which were reamed to size and fitted with new bearing sleeves. The front forks were stripped, cleaned and polished and assembled with new fork oil and oil seals.

Wiring was all checked and tested and any non-functional components replaced, including the battery.

All the chassis and external motor hardware was re-plated in bight zinc plate and heat-treated.

Wheels were rebuilt and fitted with new Bridgestone BT45 tires and tubes, which are the best tires available for a GT750. A new chain and sprockets were also fitted.

Brakes were completely overhauled and fitted with new Brembo brake pads at the front and new brake shoes at the rear.

Tank and side covers are the original manufacturers paint and have minor blemishes consistent with a bike that is well used and looked after.

All the chrome plate is original and has the usual minute pits and imperfections, which add to the patina. Exhausts have been cleaned out and are in great condition.

The seat was professionally re-covered with a cover that is embossed to the exact shape and pattern as the original factory seat. The stainless trim has been polished and refitted.

Even the fuel tap (petcock) was stripped and rebuilt with all new seals.

This bike needs nothing except an owner that has the time to ride it and the desire to own a Japanese Classic.

More details on what was done in the rebuilding process along with "before" pictures.

A touch of the Orient right here in the Midwest - the bike too.

looking right at home in this Japanese style garden