Phat Trakka I - Now known as the addiction 


Welcome to the Phat Trakka GT750 project. It started out as another pile of bits - I mean an almost complete project bike, and then it all got horribly out of hand.


Like all true obsessions or addictions, motorcycles  take over the life of the addict.  Every spare dollar goes to feed the addiction. Every minute that can be stolen from work or family, suffers the same fate.


This is the story of a project that failed to pass any test of reasonableness.


It all started like most projects do as a pile of parts masquerading as a motorcycle, coupled to an overactive imagination. The problem with that combination is that what starts off as a reasonable idea starts to grow like Topsy. The builder starts to realize that if one modification worked, then surely that envelope could be pushed a little further. And when that boundary is crossed, why stop now.


This is such a story............




Part 1 - How did it all start