Phat Trakka 2 - Middling - It's a cover up


I was not planning on using teh stock air filter box, but removing it, left and unsightly gap.  The side covers look as if the front edges should either be under the rear of the tank of should line up with the rear edge of the tank.   

 And without the airbox, the side covers also seemed to be too wide, hanging out from the seat. That doesn't cause any problems with functionality, but it didn't look as tidy as it might. So the task in hand was to find a way to move the covers forwards and inwards.

Out came the trusty Dremmel and the first order of business was to remove the old mounting tabs and cut new slots to hang the covers from the frame. Not surprisingly, that process of trial and error basically ruined teh covers but did result in a cleaner solution.



So far so good, but the first Law of Customizing is "change one thing, and you change everything".  And so it came to pass, that the covers no longer covered and the oil tank was naked and ashamed because it could no longer hide its nakedness behind a shiny colored cover. The oil tank hid in the far corners of the shop and a new one was sourced from American Plastics.

While the replacement tank was on order, a nice set of long UNI filters were obtained from a certain auction site. Of course they fouled the nicely modified covers, so something had to be done about that. 

The covers were attacked, I mean gently and carefully machined with the Dremmel and hand files to clear the filters.

When the engine and carbs are firmly bolted in place, the side covers need to be finished off and then a mold will be taken, so that a fiberglass or carbon fiber side cover can be created.


Part 7a - Oil tank and battery