GT750 - Transmissions 

Six speeds


If five close ratio gears are good, six have got to be better. That holds doubly true for a bike on which the performance has been improved and which needs more gears to stay in the powerband.


Most modern sport bikes have six speed clusters, so there are way too many to look at as possible donors. We restricted our research to the Honda CB360, TZ250/RZ/RD Yamaha twins, BMW K1200S and GSXR K1-3 series because that's what happened to be available at the time.


The CB360 transmission was purchased to slip it into a CB77 vintage racer.  TZ twins have been in and out of our shop for decades.  The BMW box is beautiful but has a few design flaws that were fixed in 2006.  This one had to be stripped, welded and machined and re-assembled because replacement parts are not available - just complete clusters.



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